The beginning of a new era


The beginning of a new era
Startup Culture Manifesto

The world has changed

Uber is the new Ford. Time has come to forget about old rules and shape the future. Your way.

We view startup culture

as a whole new world of beautiful ideas, fearless entrepreneurs, powerful technologies and strong collaborations.

We create value by blending cutting-edge startup skills

with the know-how of big companies.

Startup culture has proven fantastically effective

in addressing the challenges of tomorrow. We make you experience that culture firsthand during one whole day, to discover new methods, new business models and new perspectives that will unlock your innovation potential.

There is no such thing as failure.

The key steps to success are: try, fail, understand why, learn, try again, have fun and succeed.

Successful companies have their own, distinctive mindset.

In a rapidly changing and fiercely competitive environment, thinking out of the box is the only pathway to success. Innovation is the only way to survive.

We believe in the power of teamwork.

Building a successful business can only be achieved with a fantastic team working together to make crazy dreams come true. Millions of us dream of making the world a better place. Together we can make a difference.